You are not alone

As a qualified nanny, you’re aware of the many rewards your job can provide. But finding a position that offers you the opportunity to be of service and develop your full potential can be a daunting prospect. The Complete Nanny can facilitate your search for a position that best suits your individual strengths and experience. We carefully screen each of our nannies to assess not only your qualifications, but also to determine your goals and preferred working parameters.

We’ll connect you with suitable prospects, set up your interviews, and make sure you find the right match with the right family. We’ll also take care of the required paperwork and establish a workable payment schedule that meets the necessary government regulations and addresses all the administrative requirements.

Once you’ve found the right fit, we’ll also provide continuing support and advice for as long as you need it. The Complete Nanny takes special pride in addressing the complete needs of our qualified nannies and in ensuring that they are always treated with fairness and respect by your employers.